The Vango Rivendale 800XL 

This airbeam tent is a vibrant family tent which is an ideal base for spending quality family time together and enjoying the outdoors. This five AirBeam® tunnel tent is breath-taking in size, structure and brightness. The built in extension is an extra living room in itself, with huge vista style windows which capture the best of the scenery. This 8 man tent also features four king size bedrooms and a large multi functional living space.  You have the flexibility to remove the fourth bedroom which creates an additional 3 square metres of living area.  This takes your living are up to a massive 21 metres Luxury!

The Rivendale can be tailored to any family campers needs and has impressive attention to detail. The Vango Rivendale 800XL is sure to make any camping holiday a memorable one.

Additional comfort for you!

We are now including a centre carpet & footprint to improve the  comfort and feel of the tent.
The additional benefit is that when you pack the tent away it should help you keep the tent clean!

Please note the tent can only be hired with the carpet & footprint.

What are AirBeam® Tents?

Vango AirBeam® tents are so quick and easy to pitch; one person can pitch an AirBeam tent within minutes. Whether you’re camping solo with the kids or simply want to get your holiday off on the right foot; an AirBeam tent will make pitching and dismantling a breeze.

Is it really that easy to pitch an AirBeam® tent? The good news is that it is. Peg out the bottom of the tent, swiftly inflate the AirBeam® using the double action pump and then peg out the guy lines. No faffing, just camping.

  • Capacity: 4-8 person
  •  Pitching area: 930cm x 650 cm
  •  Total Weight 34Kg
  •  Pack Size 78 x 50 x 48cm
  •  Pitching time: 12 min

Hire Prices

(Individual hires only not available for villages)

Start from just £19.00 per day .

Fees listed below are based on you collecting on a Friday and returning on the Monday.

Days Hire Fee Pitch & Take down  Deliver & Collect by  T2H

Weekend £133.00 £70.00 £30.00
10 days £190.00 £70.00 £30.00


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